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A History of Coffee

The history of coffee starts with its origin in Ethiopia it’s a wonder how coffee made its way all the way to the U.S. One way or another coffee has taken the world by storm and here’s some insight into how this concoction became an worldwide favorite.

In 11th century Ethopia coffee plants were boiled in hot water and known to have medicinal properties. As its popularity grew and coffee spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula people began preparing the coffee in new ways. In Istanbul, Chief Coffee Makers were the first to roast coffee beans, grind them up and brew them in boiling water. At that point coffee was an unstoppable force, reaching the Americas by 1696 when the first coffeehouse in New York was opened - god bless.

Long gone were the days when coffee was passed exclusively between royalty. With the opening of coffee houses and the expansion of trade coffee quickly became a household name. However in the early days of coffee in America the taste left something to be desired. The long trips on wooden ships, in insufficient packaging gave coffee beans an unappealing, musty taste and smell. Advancements in roasting and packaging technology really brought coffee to the American mainstream. It was officially no longer an exclusive drink to the overtly wealthy.

It was in the 1970’s that specialty coffee houses began to pop up. These businesses brought accessibility to quality coffee unlike any technological advancement has.

Today’s coffee culture is as diverse as its long history. Coffee houses are still thriving and mom and pops are appearing quicker than ever. New technologies have made delicious coffee even more accessible and now leaving the house is no longer a requirement for a quality cup of joe. K-cups are a huge advancement to at home brewing machines have officially brought coffee to the masses and the options are endless!