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6 Gifts for the Coffee-Lover In Your Life

Do you or someone you know love coffee? Like really loooovvvvveeee coffee. We mean the ride-or-die, multiple cups a day, can’t survive without it, devout coffee enthusiasts. Well we have the perfect gifts for your coffee-lover to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any day of the year because, hey, if it involves coffee they’ll probably love it.

$15.95 HiLine Tumbler - Every coffee drinker needs a perfect, reliable, on-the-go cup and what better than a cup that reflects your personality. Our HiLine tumbler is designed to keep your coffee hot and hands cool. The sleek exterior features one of our cheeky sayings and a spill proof lid for easy sipping on the go!

$5.00 Reusable Straws - Is it just us or does iced coffee taste totally different out of a straw? There are countless varieties of reusable straws out there depending on their materials, shapes, colors, etc. and for how often we drink iced coffee, we want to do our part in helping the planet. These reusable straws are made entirely out of bamboo and come with a to-go pouch AND a brush cleaner. With 6 straws in one order, you’ll never be sipping from anything else!

$4.99 HiLine Descaling Powder - Descaling (aka cleaning) your coffee machine is necessary from time to time in order to remove hard water deposits and impurities. We recommend coffee machine descaling twice per year, or after about 300 uses. Your morning cup of Joe will be vastly improved by using a clean machine. It’ll also prevent costly repairs and a build-up of pressure to the machine itself.

$80.15 Manual Coffee Grinder - This gift is for a dedicated coffee lover who likes to be a part of the process from an early stage. Committing to grinding your own coffee beans is no joke and this grinder will create perfect, fresh grounds and make your kitchen smell like your favorite coffee shop. This is also a great gift for someone who wants to save money because busing coffee can be expensive and grinding your own beans (buy them in bulk) can save you some serious cash.

$14.99-$17.99 HiLine Coffee - We were inspired by the best third-wave coffee companies, like Blue Bottle Coffee, and we strive to deliver the freshest coffee. We roast highest quality beans, pack them into various single-serve packaging and deliver it to you directly without going through lengthy retail distribution. The result is the freshest coffee available for single-serve brewers like Keruig, Nespresso, and we also sell ground coffee packs for various machines. Our flavors range in roast levels, seasonal choices, and New York City staple locations!

$9.99 Coffee Body Scrub - Did you know that coffee can beautify your skin? Caffeine can help with stretch marks, acne, and dead skin cells, it softens the texture, helps with inflammation, and even improves blood circulation. If you can’t find it in your local store, you can make some at home! A coffee lover who’s also a self-care aficionado would love receiving this gift any day of the year.