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5 Next-Level Recipes to Add Coffee To!

This just in folks…coffee. goes. with. everything. We love it at every meal rain or shine, hot or cold, bitter or sweet. Coffee in its most recognizable form is nothing to scoff at. Its fragrant aromas, complex flavors are wonderful on their own, but these attributes also make for an insanely delicious recipe addition. Coffee can and often does elevate many of our favorite foods. Below are 5 things you can make exceptionally more delicious with…coffee.

  1. Mocha Brownies

Okay…this one is a no brainer. It’s common knowledge that chocolate and coffee are the mecca of flavor combinations. Quite often we wonder if skipping dinner and eating two desserts is acceptable. Add ground coffee to your favorite brownie recipe to elevate the chocolaty goodness of these treats. Brownie points if you add a scoop of coffee ice cream on top! (You see what we did there)

  1. Baked Beans

This sounds a little suspect at first but coffee is truly an elevator of flavors. Adding coffee liquid to your baked beans will perfectly compliment the smoky and spicy flavors of your go-to baked beans recipe.

  1. Burgers

YAS burgers! Summertime especially calls for a delicious, juicy cheeseburger. Amp your burgers up this year with an out of this world coffee rub. Try combining black pepper, oregano, coriander and brown sugar with a HiLine Coffee Espresso for a new twist on the classic summertime dish. (Side Note: Works on many meats. Sky’s the limit)

  1. Coffee and Orange Zest Bread

While homemade bread isn’t the easiest undertaking, the reward is worth the effort. This flavor combination is perfect for french toast, sandwiches (especially of the peanut butter variety) or quite honestly on its own.

  1. Coffee Meringue

Okay, we’re getting kind of fancy with this one but we LOVEMeringue! The airy, crunchy textures and sweet, silky flavors of meringue lends itself to our favorite coffee flavors. Add HiLine Espresso to a traditional merengue recipe.

The beauty of coffee is that while strong in flavor it completely elevates and transforms all kinds of food. Its versatility is unmatched and endless. Get creative and come up with you own recipes to add coffee to.