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5 Cold Coffee Hacks

We’ve officially entered deep Summer. With some serious heatwaves upon us it is vital to remain awake, dry and hydrated. Thank you, iced coffee for fulling our needs. Here are 5 iced coffee hacks to keep a smile on your face while you do your best to survive…

  1. Skip the milk

Simple syrups are super easy to make. Just add equal parts sugar and water to a sauce pan and mix until dissolved. Do this because nobody wants to be drinking milk in 95 degrees.

  1. Coffee Ice Cubes

Nothing is worse than getting three good sips out of your favorite iced coffee before realizing that the ice has quickly melted and watered down your beverage. It doesn’t need to be this way, guys! An old pro hack of many iced coffee lovers is to freeze your cold brew the night before and adding the cubes to your coffee the next morning. When they melt you’ll just have more delicious iced coffee to drink!

  1. Iced Coffee Breakfast Shake

Those of you who love a hearty and healthy breakfast shake in the morning will live for this hack. It’s simple, just add ice, your favorite cold brew (HILINE), bananas (or any fruit of your choosing) and protein powder to a blender. We strongly suggest using a chocolate protein powder for quite possibly the most delicious and healthy protein shake you’ve ever tasted!

  1. Coffee Ice Cream Float

This one is as simple as it sounds. Add your favorite cold brew to a couple scoops of ice cream and you have a quick and delicious dessert. Check out our French Vanilla Latte Milkshake recipe here!


  1. Fizzy Iced Coffee

Do you need a little carbonation in your life but can’t fathom giving up your coffee addiction? We feel you and we have a solution. Pour a shot of HiLine Espresso over an ice-cold glass of tonic water and enjoy the light, effervescence of this perfect summery pick me up treat.

Which one are you going to try first? Happy sipping!