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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee in the Fall

Depending on the time of year, there are always insanely good ways to capitalize on seasonal coffee flavors. In the summer it's all about iced lattes and cold brews, in the spring it might be brews with floral notes, and in the winter we're all basically drowning in peppermint. And, while all seasons have their coffee-flavoring strengths, there's really nothing like what you can do to your morning cup in the fall. Here are four incredibly easy ways to take advantage of fall flavors and spice up your coffee throughout November.

1.Capitalize on Fall Creamers While we're not huge fans of every single kind of creamer on the market, fall creamers hold a special place in our hearts. From pumpkin spice to butter toffee, it's hard not to be excited about adding something to your coffee that essentially makes it dessert for breakfast.

2. Add Cinnamon or Nutmeg to Your Ground Coffee Making a pot in the morning and looking for a large batch of fall-flavored coffee? Simply add your spice of choice to the grounds before brewing. It's an insanely easy (and natural) way to insert fall flavors into your morning cup.

3. Apple-fy and Amplify It Pumpkin rocks, but apples are like the favorite child that fall will never admit is actually its number one. Inspired by a coffee shop in Brooklyn, you can make an "Apple Betty Syrup" at home that'll turn your cup of coffee from liquid caffeine to liquid apple pie.

4. Use Your Maple Syrup for More Than Just Waffles While you might live and die by 3 pumps of vanilla, consider swapping out your usually flavoring for a couple squirts of maple syrup. Not only is maple an essential fall flavor, but it's also a natural syrup. Why not use what Mother Nature gave us, right? Depending on what you have lying around in your kitchen, you can easily capitalize on fall flavors when making coffee at home. And, while the end of November doesn't mean you can't continue to do these things, you should definitely take advantage of 'em before peppermint strikes 😉.