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3 Ways To Froth Milk For Your At Home Latte

Nothing compares to a fresh latte with foamy, creamy milk, but who wants to go to a coffee shop every time they want one? Not us! That's why we came up with this list of 3 different ways to froth your own milk at home. That's right, you can be your own at home barista! Use these kitchen appliances for your next at home latte.



For those of you who are balling on a budget and are in no rush to go buy the latest coffee technology, this ones for you. Still want the perfect frothed milk but don't own a frother? No fret! You most likely already have the one kitchen appliance that can get the job done: a blender. That's right, just pour in your heated milk, along with any syrups or sweeteners and blend away for about 20 to 30 seconds. Viola- you now have the perfect foamy milk to pair with your favorite HiLine Espresso.

Our only complaint about the blender method is the noise factor.. sometimes a blender isn't the most desirable thing to hear early in the morning before you've had your coffee. That's why we have our next two options which are much more quite but still cost friendly.

Handheld Frother

This simple coffee gadget is an essential first step for anyone who is trying to bring their at home coffee game to the next level. Even better, these handheld frothers are typically cheap and very easy to use. They are also a great option for apartment dwellers who lack kitchen space to store appliances. Easy to clean and store, handheld frothers are able to froth hot and cold milk options to your desired level of creaminess. It also doubles as a great whisk to make the tastiest matcha drinks. The handheld frother puts you in full control and truly makes you feel like an official stay-at-home barista.

Automatic Frother

You mean to say I can sit back, relax, and let the milk froth on it's own? Say less! If you are always on the move in the morning but still want the perfect cup of coffee, this one is for you. This automatic frother has four built in settings to make any coffee drink you desire. The settings are: hot and fluffy foam, hot and dense foam, heat milk, froth cold milk. This allows you to have an endless amount of options for your at home latte and the ergonomic grip allows for a beautifully smooth pour. This frother turns off as soon as your milk is prepared to your liking. This is the ultimate coffee gadget to make the best café-quality coffees in your own home. 

We can't wait to go froth up a creamy cup of coffee and we can't wait to see everyone else become their own personal baristas. Just remember, that your latte will only taste as good as the coffee that you but in it, which is why you should always choose HiLine Coffee.