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3 Ways to Elevate Your K-Cup Coffee for Christmas

Not up for debate: if you're looking for a singular cup of coffee or something super quick in the morning, K-Cups are the best way to go. While we live by the saying "more coffee is more," sometimes it's just not practical to make an entire pot for yourself. K-Cups are regarded for their convenience, but they're not always thought of as coffee you can spice up for the holidays—why not? Convenience in their amount and their brew time doesn't mean they can't get into the holiday spirit too. If you're a K-Cup person, and you're looking to make your morning cup a little more festive for the holidays, we've got you covered.

1.Gingerbread Maple Cappuccino Nothing says December like waking up and essentially drinking caffeinated cookies before 10 am. This recipe only calls for four simple ingredients—one being a Gingerbread K-Cup, which is crucial to the success of this drink.

2. Eggnog Holiday Coffee Drink This one calls for an (optional) actual cookie to garnish, but for the drink itself, you only need three ingredients and ~80 seconds of your time. This is by far the easiest eggnog coffee drink to make, so if you're all about the K-Cups for the convenience factor, you're not compromising anything by capitalizing on this holiday level-up.

3. Salted Caramel Latte While this K-Cup drink looks and sounds a bit more complicated than the others, the recipe's prep time says 3-4 minutes, so don't let it intimidate you. The hardest thing you have to do is froth the milk, and trust us when we say this isn't that hard. If you love salted caramel, this upgrade is for you. K-Cups are convenient, and that's why we love them, but convenience can get in on the Christmas fun too. So, for all you "one cup and done" people out there, don't feel like you can't make your mornings festive this holiday season.