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3 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays a Bit Early With Your Coffee

'Tis the season (always) for coffee, but 'tis actually the season to holiday-fy it. As every decorated storefront knows, as soon as Halloween's over, it's time to start celebrating like it's already the holidays. While November gives you the unique opportunity to choose between holding on to pumpkins for dear life and diving head first into a pool of strung twinkly lights, there's no reason you can't start to celebrate a little early on the coffee front, (especially when there's peppermint involved). Given that we offer some insane holiday-flavored blends (see: peppermint bark and even chocolate donut), we wanted to give you three peppermint-infused ways to get you and your coffee in the holiday spirit a bit early.

1. Make Straight Up Peppermint Coffee

With this recipe, you make a peppermint syrup to add to any coffee of your choosing. It sounds basic (and the how-to part of it is), but its flavor is anything but.

2. Add Whipped Cream and Crushed Peppermint

What would go better with a cup of peppermint bark coffee than whipped cream and more peppermint? Nothing — the answer is nothing. Whether or not you have our peppermint bark pods on-hand, you can certainly justify adding whipped cream to any brew. Simply add as much or as little as you want, crush some peppermints on top, and be happy knowing you're essentially drinking the holidays.

3. Candy Cane Coffee Stirrerschels

Why stir your coffee with a spoon when you can stir it with a candy cane? Not only will the intro of this holiday treat add an automatic hint of peppermint to your coffee, but if left inside, it'll melt down within the cup, adding a strong peppermint-infusion you'll definitely be happy about. If you don't have peppermint in the house yet, what are you waiting for? Before you know it, it'll be December, and even while it's not, there's no reason, (especially given these three coffee add-ins), why you can't start now.