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3 Types of Ice For the Perfect Cold Brew

Unique ice shapes in beverages are nothing new. For various types of liquor, like whiskey, it can mean the difference between a great drink and a horrible drink. We had no clue that this rule could also apply to coffee! We took a deep dive through the internet to find different ice shapes, their pros and cons, and how to pair them with the perfect coffee beverage.

Giant Cubes

One of the biggest benefits from using giant ice cubes might surprise you… it’s actually surface area! One big ice cubes takes up less space than many small ice cubes. Less ice = less meltage. (And nobody likes meltage!) It’s undeniable that the look of big ice cubes is also another draw. You can make fancy looking coffee in the comfort of your own home and get those Instagram-worthy photos. 


Yes, your childhood is hitting you in the face because this is basically a coffee snow-cone. It’s too easy not to do it, so what are you waiting for? Blend up your ice, we’ve found that about 2 cups is a good amount, add to a cup, and pour your cold brew or chilled coffee over it! You can spice it up with a little milk, cinnamon, honey, whipped cream, and more!


Alright we’re getting dainty here, people. These little ice cubes are about the size of boba, but keep your drink nice and cold. You can fill your cup to the brim or just add a few to keep your drink temperate. These cute, little pearls can be made just by using a mold and popping it into your freezer. Add to your favorite coffee and you’ve got one elegant drink.

You aren't limited to these three shapes! There are gemstone molds, skull molds, animal molds, and even molds that are the shape of your state. The options are truly endless!