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3 Over-The-Top Coffee Filled Desserts

We’ve got 3 Over-The-Top Coffee Filled Desserts ideas that you must try! They are all simple to make and even more delicious to taste. We’ve rounded up out favorite 3 coffee dessert recipes that you must try. If you’ve been following for a long time you must know that love to add coffee to everything. To our drinks, to our alcohol beverages and to our food. We just love the flavor but also love the caffeine boost from wherever we can get it! See below for our top picks!

So we are starting off with the REAL DEAL. Inside-Out Espresso Peanut Butter Cups. They are not only visually breathtaking and so cool to look at they are beyond delicious. The trick in our recipe is that we add the espresso into the chocolate ganache. These are such a hit for a party and yet so simple to make that you can leave them in your freezer and have one (or 3) every night until you run out!

Coming in at our second favorite over-the-top coffee filled dessert we have Espresso Energy Balls. We love this recipe for so many reasons. It is so easy to follow that we made a fool-proof video! This recipe is  also no-bake, which is what helps rank is so high. The espresso it in which really helps when you are up early and moving or just trying to pack a little more buzz into your on-the-go snack. This recipe is so simple and the hardest part is melting PB & Honey — which can be done in the microwave!

Lastly we wanted to share a list of 33 coffee recipes that we found online! These all made us smile cause we would be able to use our pods for nespresso or our pods for Keurig. All of these recipes are Over The Top recipes that help you enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.