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3 Different Types of Ice to Use in Your Coffee

Having the right type of ice for your specific coffee palate is crucial for the perfect cup. From cubed, to crescent, to shaved and "gourmet", the ice possibilities are limitless. So how do you know which type of ice is meant for you? That's where we come in. In this post, we are going to cover three ice categories and how they can change the game for your coffee


Full Cube

Any drink that needs to stay cold can benefit greatly from a large, full ice cube. Most commonly known for being used in fancy cocktail drinks, these hefty cubes make the perfect companion for a cold coffee drink. Because of their large surface area, these cubes take far longer to melt, and therefore dilute your coffee much slower. For the most cinematic slow dilution you have ever seen, make your ice cubes with milk instead of water!

Half Cube

Like regular ice cubes, half cubes are solid with a 100 percent ice to water ratio. The biggest difference between a half cube and a regular cube is its size and its melt rate. Since these cute looking half cubes are half the size of regular cubes, they tend to melt away faster in drinks. These cubes have a moderate melt rate compared with its full cube counterpart. Half cubes are ideal for maintaining an aesthetic in drinks, or to increase the volume of ice for visual enhancement. When serving a drink with half cubes, you have to be aware of their fast melt rate so that the beverage does not over dilute! We think these cubes would pair beautifully with our HiLine Coffee Cold Brew for an evenly diluted and refreshing drink. 

Nugget Cube

Nugget ice comes in a bite-sized form which makes it easy to consume for an icy snack. It is small, soft and is very absorbent. This gives nugget ice the feature of being able to absorb the flavors of the liquids around it. Due to this property, nugget ices most suitable application is in a frozen drink. If using this ice in a regular drink, it would loo gorgeous in a picture but you would have to be very mindful of the fast melting rate. All in all, nugget ice is the perfect option for a frozen coffee moment.

Keep in mind, none of these ice cubes need to be made with water either. Spice things up and make your next tray with milk or leftover coffee. Time to go make yourself the best iced (or frozen!) coffee you have ever had!