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3 Cold Weather Friendly Coffee Recipes

Look no further for 3 cold weather coffee recipes. Winter is here and unfortunately it feels like it is here to stay. Will it ever get warmer and most importantly will our ankles & toes ever see a sign of daylight again? Were these winter pedicures worth it – ugh – who knows.

THAT BEING SAID. To get us through the end of winter we must share with you a few favorite winter-friendly coffee beverages.


  1. Shaved Ice Cold Brew. YUP. Start by ‘shaving your ice’. You can do this at home we added 2 cups of ice to a blender. If need be, you can splash a little hot water on the cubes to help the breakdown. Then that blend until you have a fine texture.
    Grab your HiLine Cold Brew from the fridge. You need to start your cold brew a day ahead. It’s something we love doing on the weekend to prep for the week ahead.  Top your blended ice with cold brew and then flavor to you liking.
  2. Eggnog Coffee. Some of us like the taste of eggnog all year round. Is that crazy? We find that in the cold winter months it is fun to swap out steamed milk for any flavored milk–especially Eggnog. If you own a frother just make the substitution and enjoy. For us we always add a dash of cinnamon onto these drinks. Really makes it feel festive and warm.
  3. Mocha. What is a Mocha? It’s technically an espresso drink that consists of espresso, steamed milk, foam, and chocolate syrup. For us in the winter we have a little hack. We mix together one cup of freshly brewed Chocolate Truffle coffee with 1 package of hot chocolate mix. It’s a quick and easy way to enjy both the taste of a hot chocolate while getting your caffeine intake in!

These 3 drinks are fun winter-friendly ways to get your caffeine intake in while enjoying the tail end of this ever so cold season!

Enjoy! Drink up! Stay Warm.