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3 Coffee Hacks You Didn’t Know About

In its truest form as a steaming cup of deliciousness, coffee is seemingly perfect and has served its purpose. But what we don’t realize is that coffee has many purposes far past the traditional cup of joe. Here are 3 places you can use coffee to improve your life, in addition to that oh so perfect caffeine boost that we all enjoy throughout the day.

1. Gardening 

Adding coffee grounds to your home garden or potted plants is a great way to get things growing! Worms love coffee! These slimy, kind of disgusting pest are actually really great for your plants. Worms act as natural fertilizer and turn the soil with their squirmy bodies. Also, adding coffee grounds to your soil could result in more vibrant plants! Coffee reduces the PH levels in your soil allotting for more illustrious blooms. This works great with Hydrangea!

2. Home Improvement

Coffee can be extremely useful around your house! Make your own wood stain using coffee grounds, steel wool, and vinegar. This is a great natural approach to home improvement that will result in a gorgeous silver-brown stain. Coffee grounds are also great for unclogging your drains. With boiling water, coffee grounds, and a little bit of dish soap you can make your own at home concoction avoiding all of the store bought formulas that use harsh chemicals. Lastly, if you’re looking to get rid of those foul odors coming from your fridge coffee is where it’s at. Repurpose those used coffee grounds by boxing them up and sticking them in your fridge, coffee is fantastic for absorbing odor!

3. Sweet & Savory Cooking 

Coffee can really add a layer of depth and deliciousness to all kinds of food. For starters, use coffee as a spice rub for your meats. It will tenderize your meat while adding a yummy smoky flavor. What’s better than coffee ice cream?! Nothing. That is the answer. DIY your own coffee ice cream using any of the HiLine Coffee blends and we promise you’ll never to another late night ice cream run again!

The lesson to be learned here is never to underestimate the power of coffee! There are hundreds of ways to repurpose your coffee grounds avoiding the need to purchase and allowing you to eliminate some waste. We call that a coffee win-win!