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3 Coffee Drinks You Didn't Know How to Make But Should

We chat about our love for lattes, iced coffee and wine—often. What we don't post about, as much is our equal love for flat whites, americanos and macchiatos. As we dive deeper into our rich love with caffeine we feel that we should dive deeper into the learnings of how to prep real cafe-quality drink, at home with your HiLine. At first a lot of these drinks seems all to similar. Steamed milk, foam & espresso and repeat— what changes? Aha, young grasshopper it is all about the measurements. Not unlike baking it is all about the quantities. Lets take a look.

A FLAT WHITE by definition, "is an espresso based coffee beverage. The beverage is prepared by pouring microfoam (steamed milk consisting of small, fine bubbles with a glossy or velvety consistency) over a shot of espresso." The levels here depend on more milk to espresso.

A MACCHIATO has a base of espresso with a small about of milk atop. This milk is generally foam. Traditionally the foam is dropped right on top of the espresso, it means to mark, stain or spot the coffee - get it! It is a simple shot (or 2) of espresso with a marking of foam. This is the drink with these ingredients with the highest ratio of espresso—and a good day to you too!

Lastly, the AMERICANO is for the strong coffee souls, or at least that is what we believe of a person who takes down espresso diluted with water. Please hold all milk and any sugar. Often this consists of 2 shots of espresso and water. If you are looking to cut morning calories and truly jut need the fix, this drink is for you. These are only 3 of the dozens and dozens of creations that you can create with coffee! Lets master these 3 and then move on -- happy caffeine-ing!