Summer Coffee Drinks You Must Try

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We love as the seasons change how new brews and blends hit our inbox and cafe counters. There is nothing we actually love more than getting to recreate them at home.

Affogato. A Fan favorite and a simple dessert that we wanted to put a little spin on. A classic Affogato is an Italian based dessert where you “drown” vanilla ice cream or gelato with  a shot of hot espresso. We love this dessert and feel like it is a perfect summer treat BUT we had an idea… What if you blended the two and took it to go in the summer—a coffee milkshake if you will!

Iced Horchata Latte. Yes we are taking it there. if you are new to the world of a Hotchata let us tell you how amazing they are. The drink is a homemade blend of rice, cinnamon, water and sugar. It is a refreshing drink often served over ice but this summer we were inspired by The Little Epicurean. This summer we are taking a traditional Horchata to our preferred caffeine level. We are turning our Horchata into a latte. As simple as it sounds you can buy or make a Horchata batch and then top it with espresso. YUM.

Coffee Tonic. New to the scene or at least new to our scene is the coffee tonic. We have seen them all over social lately and had to give it a try. This cocktail-inspired coffee beverage is super simple to make. All you need is espresso, tonic water & ice! The proportions are of course up to you. It is a refreshing summer beverage that will be sure to cool you down this season.