Top 3 Frozen Coffee Drinks

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We know that we have a fair share of cold coffee drinkers all year round but listen up. We are talked frozen drinks to a whole new level below! We wanted to share our top 3 favorite frozen coffee drinks! DRINK 1 – Shaved Ice Cold Brew   A couple summers ago we came across what… Read more...

Chai Frappuccino Recipe

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Any Chai Tea fans in the house – hands up! You know how coffee obsessed we are but truly we are caffeine obsessed. So for our Chai Tea drinkers we made a Chai Frappuccino Recipe for you all to enjoy. Feel free to skip the line at your local coffee shop and may this Chai Frapp… Read more...

Keurig K200 vs. Keurig K250

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Keurig K200 vs. Keurig K250 Welcome back, our coffee obsessed drinkers! We are back again with another comparison post. Today we are talking about the similarities and differences between the Keurig k200 vs. Keurig k250. Again, these are very similar machines with a few key differences. Are you ready to get started? Here we go… You’ve… Read more...