Cold Brew Popsicles

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Remember our Coffee-Fudge popsicles from a little while back? It was such a nice treat we couldn’t help thinking how we could innovate off of it with cold brew this summer. For those of us that like a caffeine rich afternoon snack this does just the trick. Plus, cold brew on a stick? Could there… Read more...

How to Make Infused Cold Brew

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We’ve talked in the past about adding flavor to your coffee and we’ve talk about it a lot. There are 2 ways to flavor your coffee. WYB and AYB… while or after you brew. Maybe that joke didn’t land. That being said. It totally changes the coffee game. The fun fact of this post is… Read more...

Can You Make Boozy Cold Brew ?

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A question we find ourselves asking as the weather warms up and the sun comes out and we plan to go on picnics every weekend between now and labor day. Can you make a boozy cold brew and how the heck would that taste? The answer is YES, and we would not be inventing anything!… Read more...