Oreo Frappuccino How-To

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An Oreo Frappuccino seems like something you’d have to order from a dessert bar or coffee house. Have no fear we have a DIY Oreo Frappuccino recipe for you. We’ve talking about the technique and what it takes to make the currently poplar Frappuccino. A few month back we developed the S’mores Frapp. This recipe required you to gather… Read more...

Oreo Cream Cold Brew

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Oreo Cream Cold Brew. We did it. Although we are not nutritionist we would suggest this cold brew be served in the afternoon rather than the morning as its for the sweet tooth but if you dare, you can start your day with it. Please note – you better like it light and sweet. A… Read more...

Coffee Roasts Demystified

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Coffee is delicious, of that we are certain. There are different beans, roasts, brews; techniques, flavors and genres. Here we’ll cover some of the basics of coffee roasts. What they mean, what’s the difference and hopefully you will be better equipped to navigate the world of coffee. Light, medium and dark roasts; what are they,… Read more...