Shaved Ice Cold Brew – It’s a Thing!

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Shaved Ice Cold Brew! We feel like a kid standing in line at the ice cream truck picking exactly what they want… and we’ve found it! ADULT SNOW CONES EXIST. We wanna tell you what we found and how to make it. On the streets of NYC we found shaved ice, place and simple topped… Read more...

Is Decaf Really Caffeine Free?

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Picture this: It’s after 11pm and you’ve gotta start on that beauty rest within an hour in order to function at 100% tomorrow. Despite the late hour, you find yourself peering over at the keurig taking up precious counter space on your tiny NYC counter and you are stuck salivating at the thought of a sip of fresh… Read more...

Decoding a Coffee Menu

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It is officially time to decode a coffee menu. Coffee has it’s own lingo, and, surprisingly enough, Rosetta Stone doesn’t have a coffee-house edition out just yet. In lieu of that, here’s a cheat sheet that’s sure you are in full understanding of what to order and then how to make it at home. Yes… Read more...