HiLine Coffee Pods VS. Nespresso Coffee

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Calling all coffee lovers! Have you ever wondered what the difference between Nespresso coffee and other brands is? Well, we wanted to break it down for you.

Our HiLine Coffee pods are compatible with the Nespresso machines.

HiLine Coffee knows how important fresh coffee is and that it overall tastes better. We offer the freshest coffee for these single serve machines. The thing is coffee pods in most stores were made months ago and are frequently stale. We roast right before shipping, so that you get the freshest single-serve coffee in the world. So not only are our pods the freshest they are also less expensive!

We’re also happy to report that we have a similar crema that you would expect from a name brand espresso pod. It brews in similar time and a similar fashion.  Now the crema is vital for someone who enjoys a good espresso. This is part of the brew is what ends up holding a lot of flavor especially in our flavored espressos. 

These pods were created when we cut the lid off a used Nespresso pod, filled it with freshly ground premium coffee beans from a favorite coffee roaster, and sealed it with aluminum foil. We had been out of Nespresso pods but couldn’t leave the house without a cup of coffee. Obviously. The result was extraordinary: beautiful aromatic shot, more delicious than the original. Why doesn’t anyone produce fresh pods to improve the taste? HiLine was created to answer that question.

We are proud of our brand and how our pods for Nespresso stand up to other single dose espresso pods companies!