Have you ever tried a Vienna Coffee?

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Have you ever tried a Vienna Coffee?


As we dive into the cooler months again we are looking for new hot caffeinated beverages. We lot of quick hit of caffeine but crave a light and creamy texture. You know, we wanted a comfort food type of coffee. Enter the Vienna Coffee. A simple recipe but brings all that holiday warmth to your small porcelain espresso cup.

For this recipe specifically we used our Soho Medium brew but you could try any blend for a Viennese Coffee. Just remember, this is an espresso based drink. Our Soho Medium blend has an uncommon chic blend for the sophisticated trendsetter, this coffee displays lively fruit and floral hints. The designer blend balances blackberry with sweet chocolate notes – an ideal for a busy day of window-shopping. Our fresh roasted coffee pods for Nespresso original machines.


Now, what the heck is a Viennese Coffee and how do you make it. Simply put Espresso con panna in Italian translates to “espresso with cream”. It’s either a single or double shot topped with whipped cream. In the US it has been known as a café Vienne or Vienna Coffee. If you look online there are less traditional recipes that are also worth a try that use instant coffee and creamers. We went more traditional with whipped cream and topped it with a piece of rich chocolate adding to the sweet creaminess. If we didn’t have chocolate we’d use out other favorite-cinnamon. If you really want to dive into something fun with the café Vienna we suggest shaved or powdered Chocolate. Remember to tag us on IG or FB when you try out our recipes.

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