The Espresso Dictionary You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Ordering and brewing coffee is simple but seems way harder than it should be. When chatting with coffee lovers alike our main questions are how do you like your brew? There are so many ways to order starting with hot, cold, black, light and sweet and most importantly the ratio between milk and coffee. The ratio is what throws everyone off. Today we are breaking down some of the most popular coffee orders with an Espresso Dictionary and how to brew it at home or order them at the coffee shop.


Espresso Dictionary  

Let’s start with a Latte. Does this  brew look familiar to you? If you have yet to order it or make it at home we are sure you have seen a similar image floating around social media. When you order a latte you are getting mostly steamed milk and espresso with light foam on top. This drink is more milk than espresso.

Flat White the only difference between a latte and a flat white is no milk foam. It’s that simple. When ordering a flat white you are going to get a shot of espresso with steamed milk

Americano is a simple one since there is NO MILK whatsoever. You are served a shot of espresso topped with hot water. We’ve even had some fun with it and put it over ice in the summer.

Cappuccino we are so happy to be breaking these down for you all because the details are so very specific! A cappuccino is so similar to a latte. The only switch is the amount of steamed milk and milk foam. A cappuccino has more milk foam and less steamed milk while the latte has more steamed milk and less foam.


Moving to coffee based drinks because at the end of the day coffee and espresso are the two biggest differences when you step up to your at-home coffee bar. We wanted to address the most popular coffee orders with coffee, not just espresso orders.

A fan  favorite is the Cafe Misto is the coffee based cousin to the flat white. It is is mostly coffee with steamed milk on to of a coffee of hot coffee.

A tip for you all. Keep in mind most of these drinks have regular milk orders. For example a Flat white generally comes with whole milk and a cafe misto comes with 2%. When you are ordering at a coffee shop make sure to specify what type of milk you want. Especially if you are having non-dairy. If you are making these coffee drinks at home—go wild!