What is Shade-Grown Coffee?

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It seems sometimes that it takes as long to read a coffee package as it does to brew a proper cup. There are so many adjectives and descriptors attached for the delectation of the serious coffee drinker: “Selassie Estate Certified Organic Shade Grown Direct Trade Swiss Water Decaffeinated Private Reserve Sidamo” is more of a… Read more...

More Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

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If you’re drinking a lot of coffee, you’ve probably noticed that the grounds add up quickly. While K-Cups might be difficult to recycle, coffee grounds are a different story. Those used grounds are very easy to recycle or reuse, and have some creative uses that just might surprise you. There are plenty of possibilities beyond… Read more...

Upcycle Your K-Cups

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After writing about the difficulty of recycling K-Cups and about HiLine Coffee’s efforts to “green” our K-Cups, we thought there was still a little something missing. We’re aware that good intentions sometimes run into intractable practical concerns, and that even though you might want to recycle used K-Cups, that may not be an option where… Read more...