Coffee Puns You Need for Instagram

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Looking for a laugh?! Check out these ten PUNny coffee puns and take the credit next time you are writing your Instagram post. I dropped my entire cup of coffee! What’s sumatra with you?! He took whatever beans necessary to get his morning cup of coffee! Italians are great at making coffee because they naturally… Read more...

Hugh Jackman Fights Poverty with Coffee

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He’s played dozens of roles, from hosting Saturday Night Live to channeling Peter Allen, an English duke, Jean Valjean, and the mutant superhero Wolverine (among others).* These days, Hugh Jackman’s relegated to a supporting role in what could be his most interesting project to date. A self-described “coffee snob” — as he recently put it… Read more...

Coffee Certifications: Certifiably Insane?

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Ever stopped to wonder about the certifications and seals of approval you see on products? It seems that they’re ubiquitious, and they range from the seemingly helpful (QAI’s certifications of organic products) to the seemingly routine (toothpaste endorsed by the American Dental Association), to the to the questionable (does anyone really have any idea what… Read more...