Espresso: Rise of the Machines

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They’re coming for our jobs. “They” aren’t union members, foreigners, or any of the usual bugaboos regularly trotted out by paranoid politicians of a certain stripe. They, in this case, are machines that are as close as your nearest factory — or your favorite home electronics store. As if the job market in many places… Read more...

Iced Coffee Hacks

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Iced coffee isn’t rocket science, admittedly. But it’s easier than you probably realized to step up your iced coffee game and take your iced coffee from competent to great. Here’s our top five iced coffee hacks: 5. Use Your Blender: If you’re a fan of frappes — and in hot weather, who isn’t? — piling… Read more...

How Is Instant Coffee Made?

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Right now, Italy is hosting Expo Milano 2015. The theme of the exposition, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” has not been without controversy; protestors, activists, NGO’s focused on hunger and poverty, and even the Pope have weighed in, noting that the Expo does more to reinforce a culture of consumption than it does to… Read more...