4 Boozy Coffee Drinks to Get You Through the Holidays

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Nothing says, “It’s definitely the holidays” like the need for both coffee and alcohol. Luckily, there are ways in which you can satisfy both of those crucial holiday needs at one time — insert: boozy coffee holiday drinks. From the original boozy holiday drink (eggnog) to the classic coffee cocktail (White Russian), booze, holidays, and coffee have been overlapping for longer than any of us remember. To bring all three together in a way that makes the holidays as happy for you as they are for Santa, here are four holiday coffee cocktails.

1. Peppermint Bark Martini

Okay, YUM. This thing is incredibly easy to make and just requires peppermint espresso pods, vodka, chocolate sauce, and peppermint creamer. If you’re into peppermint bark and vodka is your liquor of choice, this drink is perfect for you.

2. Roman Holiday

If you like a bitter-sweet combination, this drink is meant for you. It’s cold brew combined with pineapple juice, (which sounds insane but is actually delicious), and if you’re willing to go for something cold that still warms you up, you’ll be happy with this thing.

3. The Blind Abbot

Not entirely sure where the name comes from, but we’re hoping it’s not referring to a loss of sight after finishing one. If you’re into cinnamon, you’ll be into this — the recipe only calls for six ingredients, but 1/3 of them involve cinnamon. Whipped cream is optional, which means it’s required. You’re welcome.

4. Caramel Irish Coffee

It’s a twist on Irish coffee, and it’s glorious. With everything you love about the original, plus caramel and butterscotch, it’s no question that this whiskey-based drink will keep you jolly throughout all of the holiday festivities.

In all seriousness, we know the holidays really are a great time. They’re filled with family, friends, food, and presents, but with all of the togetherness and constant mingling, sometimes a holiday coffee cocktail really is just what you need to get you through.