What The Heck Is Cascara?

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Coffee trends. Not unlike many of our favorite things, java is subject to ebbs and flows in preference, flavor and style. Cold brew, matcha, pour over are only a few of the equally wonderful caffeine-friendly trends to hit the scene. The new guy on the block that you may already recognize is, Cascara. But what is… Read more...

DIY Latte Art

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Latte art is no longer an expertise exclusive to your brooding, hipster barista with the mildly greasy hair and kind of cool retro overalls. You too can become a creator of this mysterious milky art that graces your daily dose. Follow these steps and you can become the Picasso of coffee. Tools of the Trade: Espresso… Read more...

DIY Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

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This body scrub is only 3 ingredients and will leave your skin feeling smooth and smelling delicious! What does it mean to exfoliate your skin? Great question. Using this scrub will remove old dead skin cells and make dry skin look like new again. This is the prime to to work of the dry chapped… Read more...