10 Weird Facts About Coffee

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If you’re reading this then you, my friend, are a true lover of coffee. Its flavors, its aromas, its ability to transform itself completely and still taste as delicious as ever; All of this and more is what makes coffee so delicious and even more unique. To honor coffee’s uniqueness and versatility here are some… Read more...

Coffee & Donuts — Our Match Made in Heaven

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…a sweet treat and powerful duo. Coffee and donuts. The things police officers dream of, but if we’re being honest we do too! Both have a firm place in our hearts due to their complimentary and, of course, delicious nature. Here’s a little cheat sheet if you want to get the most out of both… Read more...

Iced Mint Mocha

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This iced mint mocha takes a blended frappe to a whole new level. It combines chocolate, coffee and fresh mint leaves to make a sweet and refreshing drink to enjoy. The mint adds a subtle kick to this recipe but please don’t forget to use fresh leaves! See below for ingredient list and the simple… Read more...