Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies These are the espresso cookies you didn’t know you needed… We have been trying for years to develop the dream espresso cookie recipe. A recipe that allows for a shot of espresso and not just the typical grinds. We’ve developed a few with espresso grinds and they were good but this… Read more...

Fresh New Ground Coffee

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FLAVOR GROUND COFFEE LAUNCH HiLine Coffee Company is thrilled to announce the launch of our 3 new ground coffee flavors. We are bringing you 3 new flavors – 2 medium roasts and one dark. All 3 roasts come in a 1lb bags of freshly ground coffee named Tribeca, Empire State and Park Ave. See below… Read more...

Have you ever tried a Vienna Coffee?

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Have you ever tried a Vienna Coffee? NEW ESPRESSO RECIPE As we dive into the cooler months again we are looking for new hot caffeinated beverages. We lot of quick hit of caffeine but crave a light and creamy texture. You know, we wanted a comfort food type of coffee. Enter the Vienna Coffee. A… Read more...